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Power Master VFD

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Introducing the Power Master VFD

The Power Master VFD is packed with features to make operating your Ecogate System as easy as possible. With automatic start and stop of your dust collector, built-in fan and filter transmission and much more, the Power Master works with your greenBOX to monitor and control your system.

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What is the Power master VFD?

The Ecogate Power Master Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) automatically adjusts the speed of the motor on your industrial dust collection system’s fan while significantly cutting down the electricity consumption.
Our VFD was developed in collaboration with industry-leader ABB, based on their top-of-the-line industrial Variable Frequency Drive ACS880 model which comes with the highest reliability, performance, and safety.

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What Makes the Powermaster Different?

  • Energy Efficiency for Industrial Dust Extraction Systems

    By incorporating the Power Master VFD into your complete Ecogate system, you will see a significant decrease in electricity usage on the fan operation. The automated system eliminates the need for maintenance personnel to start the system manually before shift, and stop it after shift. With Ecogate, you can save 68% or more on your dust collection costs while enjoying automatic airflow adjustments and an automatic start and stop feature for your dust collector.

  • Simple Setup, Easy to Use and Reliable

    The Power Master VFD is designed for easy onsite configuration. The Ecogate Setup Assistant guarantees trouble-free VFD startup within a minute, streamlining installation, setup, and operation for our users. Built with a NEMA-12 dust-proof cabinet, exterior heat sink, industrial air filters, and positive inside pressure, the Power Master VFD is designed for heavy-duty applications, ensuring reliable performance for many years to come.

  • Hardware

    The Power Master features two integrated high-end pressure transmitters. One is for fan pressure, the other for filter pressure. Connecting to the Ecogate greenBOX control unit is made simple using the Ecogate Master cable, compatible with all greenBOX models. Dry contacts for starting and stopping the dust collector on-demand are included, while an OK/Error signal serves as an Enable signal, halting the main fan if any issues arise with the dust collector. The Power Master is available as a wall-mounted, dust-proof enclosure and as a standalone enclosure. Power Master VFD options range from 10 HP to 420 HP, in 120V, 240V, 460V, and 575V variants.

  • Advanced Connectivity and Control

    You can monitor your VFD status in real-time through the greenBOX or remotely, to ensure you always have access to vital information. With features such as Modbus communication, backup power supply for the VFD processor, and monitoring of critical VFD components, the Power Master VFD offers unparalleled connectivity and control.

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