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Step 1: Ecogate automatic blast gates being installed into dust extraction system

Automatic Blast Gates

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Automatic Blast Gate

Introducing the Ecogate Automatic Blast Gate

Improved efficiency for longer operating life! The Ecogate automatic blast gates perform better than pneumatic ones, guaranteeing you better extraction. Providing individual ventilation to each station, the Ecogate system turns on and off with the machine to save you money on your energy bill.


Step 1: Ecogate automatic blast gates being installed into dust extraction system

What are Automatic Blast Gates?

Our fully automatic blast gates are a key component of the Ecogate System. The blast gates open automatically to workstations that need exhaust ventilation and close to machines that do not need any. These blast gates are made for heavy industrial use and are available with a zinc-plated or stainless steel body. The gate bodies also come in a different design (Butterfly Style Gates) which is ideal for fume or mist applications (welding, chemical, fumes, mist oil).

The automation is quite simple: when a machine turns on, the blast gates open to achieve suction. They stay open until the machine no longer needs ventilation, at which point the gate closes. When your dust collector turns on, the blast gates open automatically. When the dust collector powers down, the entire system powers down with it, reducing wear and tear as well as electricity consumption.

This results in extraction that provides electricity savings, better suction, reliability, performance, and safety.

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Ecogate Smart Gates

The Ecogate automatic blast gates are operated by a 24V DC motor, with an embedded processor to read pressure, air velocity, air volume and Modbus communication. The gates come with either a rotating or butterfly blade; zinc plated metal or stainless steel. These are the most robust, advanced, and cost-effective gates on the market. The blast gates are available in different duct diameters from 100mm up to 630mm.
Ecogate gates also have open and close limit switches that report to the greenBOX control unit and users. This way you do not need to guess if the gate is open or closed.

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What Makes the Ecogate Blast Gates Different?

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    Efficient & Cost-Effective

    Ecogate's automatic electric blast gates outperform  regular pneumatic gates in both efficiency and cost. By eliminating the need for compressed air, our gates simplify installation and significantly reduce electricity costs throughout the system's life cycle.

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    Industrial-Grade Performance

    Our industrial-grade blast gates are trusted by factories around the UK, with tens of thousands in operation across different industries. Duct systems are heavy, putting a lot of force on gate bodies. The only solution to this is installing robust gates to ensure reliability. Available in zinc plated or stainless steel, with the Ecogate blast gates you can be assured that you're investing in a high-quality product.

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    Real-Time Airflow Monitoring

    Ecogate's patented next generation Smart Gate is the world's only automatic blast gate that continually monitors air flow in its duct. This real-time insight allows for maximum electricity savings and guarantees transport velocities are maintained throughout the duct system.

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