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greenBOX Controller

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Automatic Blast Gate

What is the Ecogate greenBOX?

The Ecogate greenBOX, is our state-of-the-art control unit designed to optimise your dust collection, fume extraction, or mist extraction systems. The brains of the Ecogate system – the greenBOX, optimises your dust extraction and helps you achieve the biggest savings possible. By using real-time data, the greenBOX continuously analyses and monitors your workstations to determine and match your airflow requirements.<

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Monitor and Analyse Your Performance

The greenBOX continuously monitors and analyses your system’s usage to determine the precise airflow requirements. This is done by utilising real-time air velocity, volume, and pressure. Those metrics are measured at the blast gates, calculated at the branches (based on gate air volumes and branch diameters), and assessed at a system level.
The greenBOX control unit automatically adjusts airflow velocities throughout your system to prevent materials from settling in your ducts – an issue common in traditional systems. With the greenBOX, you can rest assured that your industrial dust extraction system is running at optimal levels. This helps extend the lifespan of your equipment so you don’t need to replace your system as often.

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Which greenBOX do You Need?

We offer three different greenBOX models to meet the needs of various industrial dust extraction systems - from small shops up to large factories. You can view the specifications of our greenBOX models below. Our team of experts can help you determine which greenBOX model is best suited to your specific requirements, ensuring that you get the most out of your investment. Get in touch with us today!

  • greenBOX 12 Ecogate product image

    greenBOX 12

    The greenBOX 12 is Ecogate’s most cost-effective control that offers both flexibility and performance.

    ⚪ Can be combined with the Power MASTER VFD for fan control;
    ⚪ Advanced features and reliable performance;
    ⚪ Maintains minimum airflow in each duct zone;
    ⚪Manage up to 12 workstations/gates.

  • Ecogate greenBOX nxt with screen showing power consumption and air volume data

    greenBOX NXT

    The newest member of the Ecogate family and the future of the Ecogate system.

    ⚪ Modern NUC (Next Unit of Computing) computer;
    ⚪ Built-in web server for remote access;
    ⚪ Precise measurements and regulation of ventilation valves;
    ⚪ Manage up to 72 workstations/gates.

  • Ecogate GreenBOX MASTER SRL dust collection control unit

    greenBOX Master

    The greenBOX Master is our most advanced control systems, suited for even the most demanding facilities.

    ⚪ Supports cascading, parallel, lead and backup fans;
    ⚪ Equipped with precise closed-loop regulation and automatic calibration;
    ⚪ Cloud-connected and remotely accessible;
    ⚪Manage up to 180 gates and four systems.

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