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  • Can I upgrade my greenBOX®8?

    Yes, we have our Upgrade Program which allows legacy greenBOX® 8 users to upgrade to a greenBOX® 12. Contact the team today for more information.
  • How can I upgrade my greenBOX®12?

    You can upgrade your greenBOX® software to the latest version by running the greenBOX®12 Setup & Monitoring software on your Windows PC, greenBOX® can be connected by USB to serial adapter. You can upgrade up to twelve gates or workstations. If you need more than twelve workstations, you can combine two greenBOX® 12 units. Another option is to upgrade to greenBOX® NXT, which allows for up to 32 gates. That would also require upgrading gate motors to Ecogate Smart motors. All Smart motors are connected in one cable loop.
  • Can I buy individual gates to control single workstations instead of buying a full system?

    Yes, we offer automatic standalone gates if you just need a few to get you started. The gate will open automatically if your machine needs dust collection, and it will close if the machine is not active.
  • Does Ecogate offer turnkey systems?

    Yes, we offer full turnkey dust collection services not only for wood dust, but also for fume extraction, welding, automotive/aerospace, schools, food processing and any other system where fumes/material are conveyed using ducting and fans. No matter what type of ventilation extraction you need, we can offer a turnkey system to you.
  • Do I need to use an Ecogate Volt Sensor, or can I use a dry contact from the workstation?

    If the workstation has dry normally open (NO) contact that is closed a few seconds before the workstation needs ventilation, you can connect it directly to the sensor input of the gate. You can request such output when ordering a new machine, or your maintenance personnel can add it to your workstations. However, workstations typically do not have such output. If this isn't possible, you can use Ecogate Volt or current sensor. It should be connected to the circuit that is energised if the machine needs ventilation. If the system is installed by our team, our chief electrician will create a "sensor plan" together with you; he will ask how each workstation works, which circuit is active before cutting, and he will recommend a proper sensor for each machine. Optionally, we can use a light beam or laser sensor to detect when material is entering the machine. With over twenty years of experience installing sensors, you can be sure this is done properly.
  • Can I use a third party VFD with an Ecogate system?

    Yes, a third party VFD can be used with Ecogate via analog output signal from one of our greenBOX® controllers. Since most general VFDs on the market have the speed reference controlled by an analog input from 4-20 mA, this application will work with a greenBOX®12 analog output. All Ecogate greenBOX® control units (greenBOX® 12, greenBOX® NXT, and greenBOX® Master) are using industry standard Modbus to communicate with the Ecogate Power MASTER VFD with many additional advantages including simple wiring, simple setup, reading Fan & Filter pressure values through Modbus, etc. For best customer experience, we recommend combining our greenBOX® control units with the Power MASTER VFDs.
  • What are the benefits of using an Ecogate VFD?

    For best customer experience we recommend combining our greenBOX® control units with the Ecogate Power MASTER VFDs. The Ecogate Power Master is much more than a VFD: The main difference is that we can communicate with the variable frequency drive remotely, adjust and program all parameters to help your system run without any issues. Some of the : • The Power MASTER VFD processor communicates with the greenBOX® via Modbus even if the main power supply for the VFD is disconnected or has failed. Therefore, we can program the drive parameters when main power is off, read warnings, errors, etc. This makes the life of an installer easier and customer service better. • The Power MASTER can control on-demand start/stop of the dust collector by utilising the Power MASTER “Dust Collector Start” free contact (NO) and “Dust Collector Stop” free contact (NC). The benefit is reduced power consumption and reduced wear & tear of the dust collector. • Delayed (masked) system enable input allows the main fan to start and waits until the enable signal is confirmed by the dust collector control panel. • Significantly reduced wiring: the fan pressure transmitter and the filter pressure transmitter are connected to the Power MASTER analog inputs; the pressure values are transmitted to the greenBOX® via Modbus; also the “VFD is in Manual Mode” signal is transmitted from the Power MASTER via Modbus further reducing wiring.
  • Does the system ever break down?

    When operating under harsh industrial conditions, both mechanical and electrical parts can wear off eventually. However, one thing we are proud of, is that after generations of testing and engineering design, we've been able to improve our products to be more durable. For example, our gates are validated for one million opening/closing cycles. Proper maintenance of VFDs, and greenBOX® control units is recommended. In case that something does break, we have systems in place for an expeditious replacement. Also, any software issues can be immediately addressed remotely and in a timely manner.
  • Does Ecogate offer blast gates in stainless steel?

    Yes. The lead time is a little longer, as stainless-steel gates are not stocked. Please contact your Ecogate sales rep for details, or contact us today.
  • What are Ecogate legacy systems, and are they upgradable?

    Our legacy systems include the original greenBOX®8,; greenBOX® PRO, and greenBOX® MASTER based on Omron PLC. We offer discounted upgrades from original greenBOX® to greenBOX® 12. The greenBOX® PRO, an original greenBOX® MASTER with Omron PLC can be replaced by greenBOX® 12.
Ecogate PowerMaster green system central control unit

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