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Industrial Dust Extraction

Ecogate is the leading solution to industrial dust extraction. Our advanced, intelligent system is successfully utilised in multiple industrial settings including woodworking factories, kitchen manufacturers, welding workshops, pharmaceutical labs and many more. Find out more about Ecogate’s capabilities of industrial dust extraction below.

Woodworking Dust Extractors

Ecogate has been successfully used in the woodworking industry for over 15 years. Our customers range from large automated factories to small woodworking shops that create custom furniture. Savings range from 50% in fully automated factories all the way up to 75% in big shops with custom production.

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Kitchen Manufactures

Kitchen manufacturing produces a great amount of saw dust and fumes in the operating facilities. The individual Ecogate sensors installed on each machine allow for constant monitoring of the system usage. This means that extraction is independently controlled in real-time to match the requirements of each individual piece of machinery.

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Welding Dust & Fume Extraction

Maintaining minimal airflow is not necessary in welding shops, and therefore it is easy to achieve significant energy savings by installing Ecogate. Our advanced extraction and ventilation technology is successfully used in many welding shops. Because the Ecogate system removes less air from the building, you can achieve significant energy savings on make-up air.

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Pharmaceutical Ventilation

Pharmaceutical labs require precise control over the air velocity and volume in their ventilation systems, and Ecogate is unrivalled in providing this precision. Typical applications of Ecogate in the pharmaceutical industry include tablet presses, coating, fluid bed drying, spray drying, blending, granulation and general room ventilation. While the filtration needs vary from site to site, Ecogate adjusts to each environment to perfectly set and match the velocities needed for any application.

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