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Three Ecogate ventilation central control units

How Much Could You Save with Ecogate?

Ready to save money on your dust extraction costs with Ecogate? Use our calculator to find out how much your company could be saving with our advanced on-demand extraction system.*

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    Results based on an average 20% reduction of fan speed.
    Annual total based on 50 working weeks per year.

    What is Ecogate?

    Ecogate is a smart dust collection system designed to help you save money on your electricity bill and reduce the environmental footprint of your operations.

    Using automatic blast gates and our revolutionary GreenBOX control unit, Ecogate provides on-demand extraction to each individual workstation. From small workshops to big factories, we have a system to suit your needs.

    Find Out More About the Ecogate System

    Green Ecogate box next to light grey central control units

    How Does Ecogate Save You Money?

    Industrial extraction systems are one of the largest electricity consumers in factories, accounting for up to 35% of the electricity usage. 

    So how do you save money with Ecogate? Ecogate’s on-demand model provides extraction only to machines that are currently in use. 

    This eliminates wasted energy, successfully saving you money on your electricity bill. On average Ecogate provides up to 68% of electricity savings for your fume extraction or dust collection system.

    What Makes Ecogate Better Than Traditional Dust Extraction?

    Committed to revolutionising industrial extraction, Ecogate provides cutting-edge solutions to suit your precise needs.

    In addition to great savings, the Ecogate system offers multiple advantages over traditional dust extraction. Those include seamless integration with building automation, advanced calibration wizard, flexible software architecture, safe transport air velocities and more.


    Installing Your Ecogate System

    After you calculate how much you could be saving, a member of the Ecogate team will be in touch with you to discuss your requirements and book a site evaluation. Once we have completed an on-site inspection to assess your needs, we’ll put together a bespoke quote tailored to your requirements. 

    Following this we can order the products needed for your Ecogate installation and our engineers will be in touch with you to book an installation date. After your system has been installed and calibrated, we also offer maintenance packages to make sure it continues to function at optimal levels. 

    Please refer to the timeline below to get an indication of our turnaround times.Ecogate customer sales timeline

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