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Save an average of 68% on your fume or dust extraction running costs

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    What can the Ecogate System do for you?

    The Ecogate dust collection system provides a solution to high electricity bills in woodworking, welding and manufacturing facilities. Along with cost savings, it helps you enhance working conditions by reducing noise and minimising environmental impact.

    The system provides extraction on-demand through sensors and gates installed at each workstation, which communicate with a greenBOX control unit. When a workstation is active, its corresponding sensor reports to the unit. The greenBOX then opens the automatic blast gates for stations in use and closes them to inactive ones, optimising air volume. The reduced air volume requirements allow the Powermaster Variable Frequency Driver to slow down the system fan, decreasing power consumption.

    The system is versatile, accommodating your existing dust collectors and fans where applicable. For outdated or insufficient fans and collectors, we can design a new system with recommendations tailored to your needs. Either way, Ecogate’s agnostic approach ensures seamless integration, offering a comprehensive solution while allowing for future scalability.

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    What are the Key Benefits of Ecogate?

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      Energy Savings

      Dust extraction systems operate by providing constant suction to every workstation, whether the machines are in use or not. The Ecogate system is calibrated to turn on and off according to the need of extraction. This results in less energy usage and direct savings on your electricity bill.

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      INDUSTRY 4.0 Compatibility

      Ecogate automates your entire dust collection or fume extraction process, starting the system at the beginning of each workday and turning it off at the end of the shift. It also collects insightful data of your machines to help you understand the real-time utilisation and make informed decisions.

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      Safer Work Environment

      Inadequately removed dust is harmful to employee health and ultimately poses fire and explosion hazards. Ecogate helps eliminate any dust settling in your main duct, greatly reducing dust exposure and creating a safer work environment.

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      Future-proof Solution

      The Ecogate system is optimised to support not only your current, but also future needs. You can add or remove workstations as and when needed, meaning you don’t have to spend unnecessary capital on a new system.

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      Long-term Reliability

      Ecogate is designed for long-term use in even the toughest industrial settings. Because the fans aren’t working at full speed all the time, in the long-term you will save money on maintenance, replacements and halted production due to repairs. Ecogate's durable and reliable gates provide a more cost-effective choice for your factory's long-term needs.

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      Lower Environmental Footprint

      By reducing the amount of electricity you use, Ecogate lowers your environmental footprint, helping you get one step closer to sustainability. Ecogate customers around the world are currently saving a total of approximately 70 million kWh per year. This is the equivalent of the CO2 emissions from 6,034,420,838 smartphones charged.

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    How Does Ecogate’s Energy-saving Dust Collection Save You Money

    Industrial extraction systems are one of the largest electricity consumers in factories, accounting for up to 35% of the electricity usage. In many cases, all extraction fans operate from when the machines are turned on to when they are turned off at the end of the day.

    Ecogate’s innovative on-demand model addresses this by providing extraction only when machines are in use. This eliminates wasted energy, leading to an average of 68% electricity savings for fume extraction and dust collection systems. 

    This technologically advanced system is calibrated to turn on and off based on actual extraction needs, optimising energy-efficiency and sustainability. Not only does Ecogate contribute to significant cost savings, but it also ensures efficient operation, making it a compelling solution for woodworking factories, welding workshops and other industrial facilities.


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    • Is Ecogate Easy to Use?

      The Ecogate system is designed with the user in mind above everything else. All of our installed systems are fully automatic, so you as an user won’t need to change your operation to fit around the system. During the installation process we offer fully detailed inductions and user manuals. We can also train your employees on-site and offer remote support and training as well. Our smaller greenBOX®12 systems are often installed by users themselves based on a step-by-step guide provided by us. Larger systems can also be installed by customers or maintenance personnel, and we offer online installation training.
    • Does Ecogate Work on Smaller Systems?

      Yes, we have three levels of controllers. Our greenBOX®12 is designed for smaller scale operations such as individual workshops This is our most affordable option that allows you to control up to 12 gates on a single dust collection system. If your system grows beyond 12 in the future, you can link two greenBOX®12s to manage up to 24 gates for that same dust collection system. For the next size of the systems we have greenBOX® NXT (can handle up to 32 workstations/gates), and greenBOX® MASTER that can handle the largest systems.
    • Is Ecogate Cost Effective on Smaller Systems?

      Absolutely and our team will work with you to figure out if Ecogate makes sense for your operations. One of the first steps in our process is determining the viability of our system for your specific needs. If you are not using all workstations at the same time, you can use smaller dust collectors compared to a traditional system. This will allow you to not only save electricity, but also reduce noise in your workshop.
    • Can I Use My Existing Fan With an Ecogate System?

      If your fan was properly selected for your dust collecting system, you can use it with an Ecogate system. Before we install the Ecogate system we will check the fan curve to ensure that the fan can handle the required air volume and provide the necessary pressure to overcome all system pressure losses. In addition, we will also check if the fan motor is compatible with the variable frequency drive of Ecogate. The motor must have insulation class F or better, which means all fans produced in the last 25 years would be suitable.
    • How Can the Dust Collector be Automatically Started and Stopped?

      A traditional dust collecting system is started by the operator 15 minutes before the start of their shift and stopped 15 minutes after the shift ends. With the Ecogate system, the dust collector is started automatically on demand. The start and stop are still done by proper sequence as required by the manufacturer of the dust collector; the Ecogate system will just "press" the start and stop buttons as if it is done by a real person. If any error is detected by the dust collector PLC, the Ecogate system will know it through ENABLE input of the Power MASTER VFD. The proper startup, stop logic is handled by a virtual PLC inside the Power MASTER (we are using Adaptive Programming of the variable frequency drive). As a result of this you will save on labour, decrease the wear and tear of your dust collector, and cut down on your electricity costs by not operating dust collector motors when unnecessary.
    • What are key benefits of having an Ecogate system?

      Besides energy savings, there are a number of other benefits you will notice when you switch to the Ecogate system, including a safer and quieter work environment, fully automated system that requires less maintenance, longer filter bag life, data analytics on how your machines are being used and how your dust collection systems are performing and potential incentives from your local utility company! To read more about the many benefits of Ecogate, visit our key benefits page.