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First introduced in the UK by Dust Control Systems (DCS), back in 2010, Ecogate technology has had a major impact on the UK woodworking industry. Numerous companies have benefited from the huge reductions in electricity consumption – dust extraction cost savings usually ranging between 50% and 75% with an average return on investment period of just 2 years for the majority of installations.

In September 2021, Extractly Ltd. was appointed as Ecogate Master Dealer in the United Kingdom and Ireland continuing our strong presence in the country.Ales Litomisky, Co-Founder, President and Chief Engineer at Ecogate, Inc., commented: “We’re delighted to be renewing our relationship with the team at Extractly, and I’m personally looking forward to following this next stage of Ecogate’s development in the UK. William and the entire Extractly team have demonstrated a keen understanding of Ecogate® technology and are proven to be very customer oriented.”

Before Ales, along with uncle Petr Litomisky, patented Ecogate® energy-saving extraction control technology, manufacturers’ dust and fume extraction systems had basically worked on the same principle for decades – install a fan that’s powerful enough to extract all the air, from all the places in the factory where dust or fumes are being produced, all day, every day. The difference with Ecogate® technology installed on a dust-producing production line is that the system is custom-programmed to extract only when individual machines are running, and to extract only the minimum volumes required to transfer dust-laden air from each machine to the filter unit for collection.

Potential financial gains are ruled by the laws of physics, but just a 20% reduction in fan speed will reduce power consumption by 50% and in many factories, where it’s estimated that less than half of the machines are in use at any one time, even bigger savings can be achieved. Extractly Ltd offer a free site-survey to ascertain the possible savings that Ecogate® technology could make but, as a general rule, electricity costs will be at least halved and, whether you have just one machine or a whole factory-full – the Ecogate® greenBOX MASTER SRL® can control up to four extraction fans and as many as 180 workstations – the same principles apply.

If you would like more information on how Ecogate can significantly reduce your energy bills, please do not hesitate to get in touch with our team.

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