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Welding Dust and Fume Extraction

Welding shops typically have workstation utilisation significantly below 100%. By using Ecogate for your welding dust and fume extraction you could achieve savings of up to 80% on your dust extraction costs. 

Maintaining minimal airflow is not necessary in welding shops which allows for even more substantial energy savings.

The Ecogate system successfully provides dust extraction for welding workshops of any size. From automated factories to independent welding shops, we have a solution to suit the size of your establishment.

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How Can Ecogate Improve Your Welding Ventilation?

Traditionally welding ventilation systems are inefficient with a large amount of energy waste. So how exactly does the Ecogate system help you improve welding dust and fume extraction?

It all starts with the Ecogate sensors, installed at each workstation telling the greenBOX control unit that the machine is on. This signals to the automatic blast gates to open up providing instant suction. To further eliminate wasted energy, the  Powermaster Variable Frequency Drive adjusts the fan speed to match the machine’s requirements. 

Ecogate is more intuitive than other welding fume extraction systems due to its scalability. With the biggest greenBOX unit you can manage up to 180 workstations, meaning your Ecogate system can be tailored to your operations. 

Discover more of Ecogate’s benefits to assess if it’s the right choice for your welding workshop.

Calculate your savings below

    Results based on an average 20% reduction of fan speed.
    Annual total based on 50 working weeks per year.


    After you calculate how much you could be saving, a member of the Ecogate team will be in touch with you to discuss your requirements and book a site evaluation. Once we have completed an on-site inspection to assess your needs, we’ll put together a bespoke quote tailored to your requirements.

    Following this we can order the products needed for your Ecogate installation and our engineers will be in touch with you to book an installation date. After your system has been installed and calibrated, we also offer maintenance packages to make sure it continues to function at optimal levels.

    Please refer to the timeline below to get an indication of our turnaround times.

    Clients already saving money with Ecogate


    Ecogate helps lower extraction costs for High Seat.

    “We are delighted to be the first manufacturer in the UK to benefit from Ecogate’s latest advances  in energy-saving technology.” 

    Ben Waters, Group Operations Director at HSL

    “To exert some control over extraction usage, ductwork connections to each of the traditional machines had previously been fitted with individual, manually-operated dampers but, with the best will in the world, manual operation could never match the efficiency of Ecogate’s computer-controlled, on-demand extraction system.”

    Sales Engineer Tom Firth


    Ecogate installation at Tom Howley makes for a quiet, dust-free factory, that’s only half the price to run.

    “Everyone is delighted with the job Extractly have done here; we now have a fully-automated, future-proofed system which just gets on quietly and efficiently with the task of dust extraction — levels of both dust and noise on the factory floor have been reduced significantly. We were also very impressed with the standard of work, and the way Extractly handled every aspect of what was a very time-contingent contract.”

    Tom Howley Representative 

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    Substantial cost savings with ECOGATE greenBOX NXT installation

    “I’ve been really impressed with the level of service Extractly have provided. From Jake’s initial visit through to final commissioning of the new installation, communication at each step of the process has been excellent and, with the way energy costs are rising at the moment, it’s been the perfect time to have invested in Ecogate’s latest technology.”

    Ian Postlethwaite

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